October 2012

Since I already have to pay attention to my child anyway, it’s hard not to think/talk about her all the time and disregard the fact that I want to have an identity other than the best mom in the world.  In honor of our daughter’s successful completion of a second year (as she would say, for no reason that we’re aware of, “Yay! We did it”), here are some fun facts that I want to say about my Jr. Associate:

 -Her favorite song to sing is “Happy Birthday”. I say “favorite” but I don’t know for sure if she loves to sing it or if she thinks something terrible might happen if she doesn’t always sing it.

-She has special ways of saying things and it’s hard not to repeat it the same way, which is why you might hear me call a donut a “doo-nut” or say “mo chips pleeze” when you are holding a bag of chips and I want you to give some to me.  Her pop and I will sometimes make light of a funny way she says something only to realize she doesn’t say it that way anymore.  No more “mank you.”  And as her vocabulary grows and evolves, her accent is one of someone who is doing an offensive impression of an Italian or Chinese person speaking English.

-She has instantly taken to some of our favorite things like the songs from “Singin’ in the Rain,” They Might Be Giants, dinosaurs, sausage, and pizza.  When you ask why I no longer have a heart it’s because it burst with pride the first time she chanted “pizza, pizza.”

-She recently started to say “Spiderman” and shoot webs from her wrists, although she has never seen Spiderman in action.  She’s just picked up this and other habits from the mostly boys she is around while in daycare.

-I once made what I considered to be the most delicious homemade macaroni and cheese I have ever had, and she refused to even try it.  This is not really a fact about her, but it really was very good mac and cheese.

-It’s always funny to me when she puts on my shoes and slowly shuffles across the house to find me so that she can show me she’s wearing my shoes.  When I was in middle school I babysat a toddler who would do this and I thought it was the worst and never appreciated it. She must have been doing it wrong.

-I think she has only fallen off our bed twice, which before it happened was the thing I was most afraid of happening.

More importantly, here are some fun facts about me as a mom:

-It’s possible that I will burn a copy of her “Fresh Beats Band” CD and play it when she’s not around.

It was a great day.

-I love reading Dr. Seuss books out loud.

-I think buying clothes for her is more fun than buying clothes for myself.

-Of the various anxieties that come with being an owner of something (pet, house, small person), my anxiety about her getting too many gifts and presents is the most easily avoided yet the most challenged.  It’s number 1, followed by my fear that my neighbors all hate me as a dog owner, and my useless quest to get our cats from sleeping on the dining room table.

-I can’t get that girl to eat a vegetable anymore, so I will stop worrying about it for now.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat any vegetables other than tomatoes and iceberg lettuce until I was 21, and I’m healthy.

-Sometimes we dress alike, which has never been on purpose but I get such a kick out of it that it might eventually be on purpose.

-I’m still not interested in dressing her up for Halloween.

And here is one fun fact about her papa (though there are many):

-He has been successful in getting her to say the word “baby” in a “heavy metal voice” and it is adorable.

We just got back from a four-day vacation in Albuquerque to visit pals, eat chiles, and see lots of hot air balloons.  Our daughter was a champ on the plane, the kids got along well, and I saw a roadrunner.  Success!


Top row: Balloon Fiesta (find Darth Vader in the third photo)

Bottom Row: Tinkertown, a roadrunner, and a polar bear at the BioPark.