Back during my record store days we received a variety of promotional materials to be used in displays or to be given out with purchases. One of my favorites was a plastic rat on its hind legs. I don’t remember what band it was for – Megadeth, maybe?

Behind the counter we’d come up with different ways to display it, but the best was when the rat would ride on the spinning record player. At one point it sat on a tiny sled (for a Fourplay Christmas album promotion) while it spun. Sometimes the rat wore a sandwich board placard.

Eventually, we were saddened when the rat hung itself. It swung from the racks behind it (I think the sandwich board was used as a suicide note). The next day, the rat was back on the record player, spinning around with a tissue draped over it as a ghost costume.

That visual always, always makes me laugh. You’ll just have to picture it since I don’t have a photo of it. Pre-mobile phone camera days are the worst.

Not what the rat looked like.

Not what the rat looked like.