I have been writing the family events column for rvanews, and during my research to come up with five family-friendly, affordable, and interesting things for you and yours to do during the week I have noticed that everything has food trucks tacked on somehow.  If you’re in Richmond you know that food trucks are precious to us, and you can find a food truck court almost every day of the week and at all special events.  Art walk: food trucks; Fireworks display: food trucks; Grand opening of a new bakery in Church Hill: food trucks; Elementary school carnival: food trucks; Special exhibit opening at the Holocaust museum?  Yes, food trucks (but the somber ones).  It’s almost easier to advertise when you will not have a food truck at your event.

Food trucks are a great way to supplement my taco consumption when I’m not eating tacos at home (which is basically every day), but it’s exhausting how many options there are and they’re only growing.  By summer’s end the Richmond-resident-to-food-truck ratio will be 1:1.  Will we get tired of them?  I don’t know.  But I am afraid that I’ll open my door one morning and I’ll see a dude with a pressed sandwich cart waiting to follow me for the entire day and I will have to let the dog loose on him.