The title sounds like the name of a Modcloth accessory.

My raised bed, which I built with my own hands and feet, did well this summer. I got a few dinner’s worth of green beans, a lot of potatoes (I already had the potato patch and that usually does well), and couple of zucchinis and cucumbers. The zucchinis ended up rotting at the root, and I think that was due to not enough soil/a lot of rain, so I pulled them (no big loss as I’ve decided that other than this recipe I don’t care for zucchini). And I’ve started planting for the fall (more beans , broccoli, swiss chard, and later more of all plus kale and brussel sprouts).

A bunny showed up in the squash plants, and I thought it would eat everything and sort of wanted Bunk to kill it but I think it was just hiding. We enjoyed watching it run around in the mornings, and it ran under the fence when Bunk spotted it. After I pulled out the zucchini plants it was hiding somewhere else and Bunk found it and killed it. I attempted to stop it, but it happened very quickly (rabbits scream, by the way). So that was kind of sad, but the rabbit knew that Bunk was there and still hung around instead of in dogless yards. Nature is complicated.

Oh well.


Bunk (L) and garden (R)