My family (which now includes a super healthy and increasingly mobile infant son) and I were snowed in for a few days and we made do with what we had in our pantry after a grocery store run before the storm. My husband (or, my “associate,” as he has been known) made a delicious chicken dinner out of a green pepper, a can of fire roasted tomatoes, spices, and refried beans over tortillas, and I said I was going to write about it for our fake cooking blog. Then I remembered that I actually have a blog.


We all used to have them! And they’re still hanging around, simultaneously forgotten and to serve as reminders for what free time used to look like.

Burgerphone holds a lot of awesome memories for me. I started it in 2005. I was 26, lived alone, already had Netflix, had a cat (RIP Milhouse) cooked a lot, and was single (though I had a host of good friends, including my constant chum Susan, who might still be my common law wife. I have to check up on that). Lots can happen in any ten-year span (or even in a year, see: my life in 2015), but now I have it all (“all” means Netflix AND Amazon Prime, HBOGo, and Hulu Plus). And I love checking back to see what I was doing up to 10 years ago, and to be reminded of crazy things my daughter said, and to either laugh at my old jokes or be confused along with the rest of you. And if you ever go back to read old posts: I didn’t get any better at growing tomatoes, but I have finished a book already in 2016.

Burgerphone filled the space that making a zine (which I had done semi-regularly for at least a decade as teen/post-teen) had used, and social media* and a freelance writing gig took up the space of bjournaling in recent years. Now I have no space and am behind on everything (I’ve been trying to finish a novel for years, and also I need to submit a school application for my daughter, among 400 things). I’m officially closing up shop on this site to remove Writing a Blog Entry from the list of things I’m supposed to be doing but not. Come back inside and get warm, Reminders to Send Thank You Notes for Christmas Presents!

If you ever read this, thanks. Odds are, I read your blog, too. And since this used to be my megaphone for whatever I was into, here’s a quick rundown of what that is now:

  • The Hamilton soundtrack

  • I love Budget Bytes the best of all the food sites I ever followed.
  • Another Round is currently the only podcast I always listen to.

*I’m on the twitter, the fb, the Instagram, and I shout at my dog a lot from the back door of my house when she’s in the backyard. I predict outside shouting as the next level of social media.