Obviously, $19 in cash is the ultimate gift under $20. However, if you don’t like giving small bills as gifts – and it’s weird that you don’t – here are some other ideas:

I recommend lip balm made by Feel Good Candle Co. I bought a tube of the Lavender Beeswax  Lip Balm for $4 at 68 Home in Downtown Richmond, Va., and when I first used it, a world of joy opened up. I would not be losing that lip balm, I would not let anyone else use it,* and I want everyone to have their own.

It smells amazing. I would stick it up my nostril if it fit. If you’re in Richmond, take your $20 to 68 Home, buy some of the good-smelling stuff she sells there, and pick up some other cool find around the store. I dream-shop this place on Instagram. If I had disposable income, this store would get some of it.

And let’s not sleep on the $19 in cash idea – how good does that sound? If I had $19 in cash, I’d buy some coffee with the ones, I’d sock away the $5 bill in the place where I save up $5 bills, and I’d keep the $10 in my wallet and feel rich because I never have more than $2 in my wallet.


But for other tips, this was a pretty good list: 50 Cheap Gift Ideas Under $10.

*Which is a gross idea, but when you have three people up on you, things that should not be shared are shared, like lip balm, straws, and library cards.