I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh with my long distance life partner, and we went thrift store shopping. I was on the hunt for books I could give my kids, and I found the best in the first place we went to. I gave each of them a book when I got home (Llama Llama Holiday Drama and Super Diaper Baby), but the rest are for Christmas gifts.

The seven books were .59 cents each. I’m rounding up to $5 since I’m not going to bother looking up sales tax in Pennsylvania. I also bought a .49 cent mug and ornament there. I picked up a 50 cent book for my son at another store, but my friend technically paid for it and I technically didn’t pay her back and I’m not including it.


Total spent on gifts: $5.49

Total spent on Christmas (other): 49 cents.

Total movies I saw this weekend that were “Lady Bird”: 1, and I loved it:

Side note: Why are there five different monkey emojis but not a cent sign on the phone keyboard?