This post title is also the password to most of my accounts so don’t memorize it.

I’m dusting off the ol’ bjournal. What’s happening, everybody? I trust that everyone is doing terribly and you fear for the future and you’re sick about how people you once thought were fine and normal are apparently hateful and stupid.

Speaking of the future, you know what else is in the future? Christmas! This is a safe space so although I celebrate the shopping holiday/anxiety creator called Christmas, I recognize that not everyone does and that’s fine. In fact it, like most things, doesn’t matter.

(Moving forward, my dread is implied. Please enjoy or at least read my posts but also call your reps, talk to your awfuls, feel uncomfortable, want better things for people you’ll never meet, and keep good things up because “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Santa said that).*

Where was I? Dread, awful, Santa. It’s November 1 and I’m already bummed about how I overspent money during the holiday season although it hasn’t happened yet. Because I can’t stack debt on top of general hopelessness, today I told myself that I will not go over budget. In fact, I will hold myself accountable by writing about it. And that’s what this is.

Welcome to Burgerphone 2: Didn’t Feel Like Setting Up a New Site or Better Title Because Nothing Matters. Money-saving edition!

*I call Leonard Cohen “Santa.”